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Source: Official Guide for the GMAT 13th Ed. Problem Solving; #142 Official Guide for the GMAT 2015 14th Ed. Problem Solving; #142


On a recent trip, Cindy drove her

On a recent trip, Cindy drove her car 290 miles, rounded to the nearest 10 miles, and used 12 gallons of gasoline, rounded to the nearest gallon. The actual number of miles per gallon that Cindy's car got on this trip must have been between

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Juan Uriel Sarmiento Cordero

Why the range includes 295 and 12.5?, I would consider a 12.5 would be rounded to 13, and 295 to miles range= 285-294, and gallon range= 11.5-12.4

Jan 20, 2021 • Comment


Hi Juan,
We actually aren't including those values. We are saying that the range of possible values is *between* 285 and 295. That does not include 285 or 295, but everything between them. The point is moot, however, because the answer choices do not present us with the option of 294. It would actually get complicated, because what about 249.999? The GMAT hence makes the interpretation for us and doesn't make us have to decide. We just have to pick the closest option!

Jan 23, 2021 • Reply


Gravatar Mike McGarry, Magoosh Tutor

Dec 28, 2013 • Comment

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