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Source: Official Guide for the GMAT 13th Ed. Critical Reasoning; #3


Which of the following, if true, most helps

Which of the following, if true most helps to explain why Suncorp has been pursuing the less profitable of the two economic activities mentioned above?

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Gaurang Patel

- Less profitable venture: Clear / Destroy Amazon Forest for Cattle Ranching
- More profitable venture: Rubber Tapping (does not require to destroy forest)

Question: Strengthen the argument

A: If soil is good, cattle ranching should be more profitable. But it's NOT. Not an answer.

B. Location of cattle ranching operation: Irrelevant

C. Cattle ranching income is heavily taxed. >> Reason to not cattle ranch. Not an answer.

D. Wildcats kill cattle >> Reason to stop cattle ranch.

E. Investment is higher in rubber tapping than cattle ranching: A reason to do something is less expensive to start

Answer: E

Nov 7, 2015 • Comment


Hi Guarang,

Thanks for your explanation! Overall, this is good! I just want to address one small thing: this isn't really a "strengthening the argument" question so much as a "resolve the paradox" question. You can see our lesson video on this question type here:

Nov 14, 2015 • Reply

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