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Source: Official Guide for the GMAT 13th Ed. Sentence Correction; #51 Official Guide for the GMAT 2015 14th Ed. Sentence Correction; #51


A new study suggests that the conversational

A new study suggests that the conversational pace of everyday life may be so brisk it hampers the ability of some children for distinguishing discrete sounds and words and the result is, to make sense of speech.

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Richa Chandra

SO____AS TO_____ this Idiom is always Wrong in GMAT.

Aug 3, 2015 • Comment


Ankish Kumar

I have some difficulty understanding B.

Is the usage of and in B correct, normally we use and to connect two sentences/clauses, preceded by a comma. Like

, and

Also I have one difficulty is to make logically parallel to the list because-

ability of some children to distinguish discrete sounds and words and, as a result, to make

The children are insensible to speech because they can't distinguish distinguish discrete sounds and words. This is something causal. A and hence B, so to make... is that logically parallel and the element of the list?

Oct 31, 2014 • Comment

Hi Ankish,

Answer choice (b) uses "and" correctly. It is used to join two phrases: "to distinguish discrete sounds and words" + " to make sense of speech." This is absolutely an appropriate use of "and." :D

I can't quite understand your second question. Are you asking if the two phrases are parallel? If so the answer is yes. :D

We know that they are in parallel because of the use of infinitives at the beginning of the phrase—"to distinguish" and "to make."

Having phrases in parallel doesn't contradict the logical sequence of one thing leading to another thing. Yes, not understand discrete sounds leads to a difficulty in understanding speech. This cause-and-effect relationship still needs to be grammatically parallel as it is written in (B). We shouldn't change the structure of the phrases just because it is a cause-and-effect relationship.

Nov 6, 2014 • Reply


Gravatar Mike McGarry, Magoosh Tutor

May 22, 2013 • Comment

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