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Source: Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 Sentence Correction; #110


Heavy commitment by and executive to a

Heavy commitment by an executive to a course of action, especially if it has worked well in the past, makes it likely to miss signs of incipient trouble or misinterpret them when they do appear.

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Gravatar Mike McGarry, Magoosh Tutor

Aug 18, 2015 • Comment

Peng Wang

Hi, thanks for posting that fabulous video. I like it so much. Actually, I have some question about this explanation. In choice A, the first "it" could infer to "Heavy commitment" rather than "empty it" mentioned. In my opinion, the second it could refer to "empty it". Does it make sense or I am thinking in the wrong direction?

Sep 16, 2016 • Reply


Hi Peng,

The reason the "it" cannot refer to "heavy commitment" is that "commitment" is not an actor and cannot do the verb "miss signs..."

Sep 18, 2016 • Reply

Peng Wang

Thank you very much , Adam! You really help me to figure it out! I will remember this time that the agreement of logical subject and action!

Sep 19, 2016 • Reply

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