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Guessing Strategies

The lesson provides essential guessing strategies for tackling probability problems on the GRE when the direct solution path is unclear, emphasizing instincts, the complement rule, and understanding overlap.
  • Use your real-world instincts to eliminate highly unlikely answer choices based on the improbability of certain events.
  • Leverage the complement rule to identify pairs of complementary probabilities among the answer choices, which can hint at the correct answer or a common trap.
  • Understand the concept of overlap in probability, recognizing that events with high probabilities are not mutually exclusive and must overlap, which helps in eliminating incorrect answers.
  • Guessing effectively involves eliminating as many wrong answers as possible to increase the odds of selecting the correct answer when unsure.
Utilizing Instincts in Probability Guessing
Applying the Complement Rule for Effective Guessing
Understanding Overlap in Probability Problems