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Magoosh Score Guarantee

Score Guarantee Illustration

Increase your GMAT Focus score by up to 70 points or get your money back.

We guarantee a

  • 70-point increase if you originally scored up to 575
  • 60-point increase if you originally scored 585
  • 50-point increase if you originally scored 595
  • 40-point increase if you originally scored 605
  • 30-point increase if you originally scored 615
  • 20-point increase if you originally scored 625
  • 10-point increase if you originally scored between 635-655


What you must do to qualify for the score guarantee

  • You must have taken the GMAT Focus before.
  • Your old score must be valid (i.e. less than 5 years old).
  • Your exam date must be at least 3 months from your purchase date.
  • You must have completed at least all tasks (excluding MBA tasks) as outlined in your 3-month study schedule or equivalent.
  • E-mail us a copy of your "Before" score report when you sign up. A scan or screenshot of your official score report is fine. E-mail us at help@magoosh.com with the subject line "Before Score Report for GMAT Score Guarantee" to submit your before score report.


What you should do to maximize your score!

  • Watch all of the lesson videos.
  • Complete all of the Magoosh practice questions.
  • Watch the video explanations for all the questions you answer incorrectly.

What if I've never taken the exam before?

You can still use Magoosh, you just won't be eligible for the score guarantee!

How do I claim the guarantee?

If you've done all of the requirements listed and you don't improve your score according to the guarantees above, e-mail us a scanned copy of your "After" score report and we will give you 100% of your money back.

What if my old score comes from the original GMAT?

You must take the same exam format as the one you took previously in order to be eligible. For example, if you emailed us your old score from taking the original GMAT but then take the GMAT Focus, you won't be eligible for the score increase guarantee.

What if I have a plan that includes on-demand classes?

Our refund policy works a little bit differently for our on-demand classes. With these class plans, we also guarantee you'll improve your score by up to 70 points according to the parameters above. But if you don't, we can provide a refund for the Magoosh prep software only ($249).

When did our 70-point score increase policy take effect?

This policy took effect on 3/16/23. This means if you purchased your plan on 3/16/23 or after then this policy applies to you. If you purchased before 3/16/23, you are eligible for a 50-point score increase.

I have a question, how do I get help?

E-mail us at help@magoosh.com and we would be happy to help!


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