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Strategy - Using Splits

The module introduces a strategic approach to tackling sentence correction on the GRE, emphasizing efficiency and accuracy through the use of splits.
  • The worst approach to sentence correction is to read each answer choice in detail, which is time-consuming and ineffective.
  • Using splits involves identifying differences among the answer choices to quickly eliminate incorrect options, focusing on grammatical, logical, or rhetorical issues.
  • Initially, read the prompt carefully to understand its meaning and note any apparent problems.
  • Scan the answer choices vertically to spot differences and group them based on common errors, allowing for the elimination of multiple choices at once.
  • After narrowing down the options, if time permits, plug the final choice back into the sentence to ensure it is the correct answer.
Introduction to Sentence Correction Strategies
The Worst Approach to Sentence Correction
Using Splits for Efficient Correction
Scanning and Eliminating Choices
Finalizing the Answer Choice