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Choose the option that best answers the question.

According to theĀ Federal Veterans Administration (VA), a certain county has a relatively high proportion of veterans among its residents, and over the past decade, these veterans have reportedĀ a number of health concerns that have not been adequately addressed. The VA does not have its own hospital in this county.

Plan: For the past 5 years, the VA has earmarked several million dollars to pay all 18 hospitals in this county to fund short-term and long-term care for veterans.

Result: Over the past 5 years, VA surveys have indicated no significant decrease in the number of veterans who say they have health concerns that have not been adequately addressed.

Further information: VA surveys indicate that all veterans are aware of the VA funds that would cover their expenses at county hospitals. Veterans in this county span a variety of ages and a variety of health conditions.

In light of the further information, which of the following, if true, does most to explain the result that followed the implementation of the plan?