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Choose the option that best answers the question.

Mountain County and Sunrise County are two comparable counties, with similar numbers of registered voters.  Both are in the same region of the state.  In both counties, about 60% of the registered voters are registered Republicans, and almost all others are registered Democrats.  In 2005, Republican candidate Alf Landon ran for supervisor of Mountain County, and Republican candidate Thomas Dewey ran for supervisor of Sunrise County.  Both took similar stands on issues, and both ran against conservative Democratic candidates in the general county-wide election, and none of these four candidates was an incumbent at the time of this election.  The Republican Congressman representing Sunrise County endorsed Mr. Dewey, but the Republican Congressman representing Mountain County refrained from endorsing Mr. Landon.  Mr. Dewey won his election, but Mr. Landon lost his election.  Clearly, the endorsement positions of the respective Congressmen were the deciding factors in these elections. 

In evaluating the argument, it would be most useful to know which of the following?