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Intro to AWA

The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section of the GMAT consists of one essay, focusing on analyzing an argument, which tests the examinee's ability to critique and find logical flaws. This section is crucial for developing and demonstrating analytical thinking and writing skills, despite not contributing to the overall 800 score.
  • AWA stands for Analytical Writing Assessment and involves writing one essay on analyzing an argument within 30 minutes.
  • The AWA is the first section of the GMAT and sets the tone for the rest of the exam; hence, performing well can boost confidence for subsequent sections.
  • The essay is scored on a scale from zero to six, averaged between a computer grader and a human grader, with a master grader stepping in if there's a significant discrepancy.
  • Scoring a six indicates a cogent and well-articulated essay, while a score of four is seen as merely competent.
  • Improvement and preparation strategies include understanding common logical fallacies, practicing essay writing within the time limit, and reviewing high and low-scoring essays in the official guide.
Introduction to AWA
Importance of AWA Performance
Scoring and Evaluation
Strategies for Improvement

The GMAT in its current form will be offered through early 2024. Starting on November 7, 2023, a new, shorter version of the exam called the GMAT Focus will become available.

All the AWA Essay lessons apply to the current GMAT only. (The GMAT Focus edition does not have an essay.)

Please see the lesson "New GMAT Focus Edition Can be Taken Starting November 7, 2023" for more details about the Focus edition.