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Intro to Argument Essay

The Argument Task of the AWA section on the GRE requires test-takers to critically analyze and challenge a given argument, identifying its logical flaws and suggesting improvements.
  • The task involves being presented with an argument that intentionally contains logical flaws.
  • Test-takers must adopt a critical stance, challenging the argument rather than seeking to find merit in it.
  • The objective is to identify these flaws and discuss ways the argument could be improved.
  • Examples are provided to illustrate the type of logical inconsistencies to look for.
  • Directions following the argument are crucial for guiding the structure and focus of the essay, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Understanding the Argument Task
Analyzing the Argument
Directions and Essay Structure

The GMAT in its current form will be offered through early 2024. Starting on November 7, 2023, a new, shorter version of the exam called the GMAT Focus will become available to take.

All the AWA Essay lessons apply to the current GMAT only. (The GMAT Focus edition does not have an essay.)

Please see the lesson "New GMAT Focus Edition Can be Taken Starting November 7, 2023" for more details about the Focus edition.