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Vital Noun Modifiers

Understanding the distinction between vital and non-vital noun modifiers is crucial for accurately identifying and modifying nouns, a key skill for GRE exam preparation.
  • Vital noun modifiers are essential for establishing the identity of the noun they modify, and their absence can lead to ambiguity.
  • Non-vital noun modifiers provide additional information or description but are not necessary for the noun's identification.
  • Vital modifiers do not use commas, whereas non-vital modifiers are typically set off by commas.
  • The choice between 'that' and 'which' in clauses is indicative of whether a modifier is vital ('that') or non-vital ('which').
  • Punctuation plays a role in understanding and applying the correct use of vital and non-vital modifiers, impacting sentence clarity and correctness.
Introduction to Noun Modifiers
Vital vs. Non-Vital Modifiers
Rules for Using Modifiers
Practical Application and Exceptions