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DS Elimination Method

The essence of tackling data sufficiency problems on the GRE involves a strategic approach centered around eliminating answers based on the sufficiency of provided statements.
  • Memorizing the five standard answer choices is crucial for data sufficiency success, with a division between ALONE statements (A, B, D) and TOGETHER statements (C, E).
  • The initial step involves evaluating each statement independently to determine if it alone suffices to answer the prompt question, which can lead to eliminating certain answer choices immediately.
  • If neither statement is sufficient alone, they must be considered together, which could lead to choosing answer C or E.
  • Solution behavior, or guessing after strategically eliminating some answer choices, can be advantageous compared to random guessing.
  • Understanding the sufficiency of statements allows for strategic elimination of incorrect answers, narrowing down the possibilities and enhancing the chances of selecting the correct answer.
Understanding Data Sufficiency Answer Choices
The Strategy of Elimination
Applying Solution Behavior
Practical Scenarios and Decision Making

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