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About the SC Module

The module provides a comprehensive guide to mastering sentence correction for the GMAT, emphasizing the importance of understanding specific grammar and logic rules over general writing skills.
  • Understanding the specific grammar and logic rules focused on by the GMAT is more crucial than general writing proficiency for sentence correction.
  • The module offers a thorough introduction to all topics covered in GMAT sentence correction, negating the need for additional extensive grammar or writing guides.
  • Sentence correction questions often test multiple issues simultaneously, including grammar mistakes, logic errors, and rhetorical issues.
  • Quizzes are introduced starting from Module 3, with earlier sections focusing on general strategies and basic grammar without quizzes due to their foundational nature.
  • The quizzes become progressively more reflective of the GMAT's sentence correction questions, culminating in comprehensive tests that integrate all learned topics by the end of the module.
Introduction to Sentence Correction
The Essence of GMAT Sentence Correction
Module Structure and Quizzes
Progression Through the Modules