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Set your baseline with GMATPrep

About GMATPrep

GMATPrep is the free GMAT practice test software developed by GMAC, the same people behind the official GMAT. It features two full-length mock tests with actual (but retired) GMAT questions and is widely regarded as the most accurate GMAT practice test available. It is the best resource to familiarize yourself with the test and to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

When should I take GMATPrep?

You should take a GMATPrep exam if:

  1. You have never taken the GMAT and
  2. You have never taken a GMATPrep exam before
We recommend taking a GMATPrep test within your first 7 days of signing up for Magoosh, but we also know it's hard to find time to take a full practice test, so if you need to wait a bit longer, no worries! Just take a GMATPrep test as soon as you can.

We’ll use your GMATPrep score to better understand what materials and study behaviors are most helpful to students like you. If you have taken the actual GMAT or a GMATPrep test before, you don’t need to take one again just yet. Fill in your previous scores on your profile page next to GMATPrep score fields.

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