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Introduction to the GMAT: Test Day

The content provides a comprehensive guide for individuals preparing for the GMAT, focusing on test day strategies, scheduling, preparation tips, and the test-taking process at Pearson VUE testing centers.
  • Scheduling the GMAT should be done months in advance, with a recommendation of three to six months of study time for optimal preparation.
  • Prior to the test, ensure ample rest, proper nutrition, and familiarity with the test's interactive tutorial to navigate the exam efficiently.
  • Understanding and choosing the section order that best suits your strengths and preparation style is crucial for maximizing performance.
  • Decisions regarding the cancellation of scores should be made in advance, with considerations on practice test performances and discussions with mentors or tutors.
  • On test day, bring necessary identification, a list of schools for score submission, and essentials like water and snacks, while leaving unnecessary items at home.
Scheduling and Preparation
Test Day Recommendations
Choosing the Section Order
Test Center Procedures

The GMAT in its current form will be offered through early 2024. Starting on November 7, 2023, a new, shorter version of the exam called the GMAT Focus can be taken. Please see the lesson "New GMAT Focus Edition Can be Taken Starting November 7, 2023" for more details about the GMAT Focus edition.