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Study Plans & Resources

The content provides a comprehensive overview of Magoosh's study plans and resources designed to aid individuals in their GMAT preparation, emphasizing the importance of utilizing the Magoosh blog and the variety of study schedules available.
  • Magoosh offers a wide range of resources for GMAT preparation, many of which are accessible through its blog.
  • The blog features articles on GMAT content and strategy, book reviews, eBooks, and video lessons, with the Idiom eBook highlighted for its usefulness.
  • Study schedules on the blog cater to various preparation timelines and strengths, including one-month plans, three-month plans for beginners, those strong in verbal or math, and an advanced plan for high scorers, as well as a six-month plan for extensive preparation.
  • The diversity in study schedules ensures that individuals with different levels of proficiency and time frames can find a plan that suits their needs.
Introduction to Magoosh Resources
The Importance of the Magoosh Blog
Overview of Study Schedules

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