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The content provides a comprehensive comparison between the GMAT and GRE exams, focusing on their acceptance in business schools, differences in math and verbal sections, and guidance on choosing the right test for business school applicants.
  • All business schools accept the GMAT, and many also accept the GRE, offering applicants a choice.
  • The hardest math questions on the GMAT are slightly harder than those on the GRE, but this is influenced by the computer-adaptive testing format of the GMAT.
  • GRE verbal sections focus more on vocabulary, whereas GMAT verbal sections focus on grammar.
  • To decide between the GMAT and GRE, take a cold test of each and compare the results, with a general recommendation towards the GMAT for business school applicants.
  • The GMAT is specifically designed for business school and aligns closely with the skills needed for success in the business world.
Introduction to GMAT vs. GRE
Acceptance and Choice
Differences in Test Content
Making the Decision

This lesson compares the current GMAT with the current GRE.

In late 2023, the GMAT is becoming shorter, and on September 22, 2023, the GRE is also becoming shorter. Please see the lesson "Shorter GRE vs. GMAT Focus Content Differences" for more details about the two new exams.