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The content delves into the concepts of multiples, factors, and divisors, elucidating their interrelationships and applications in mathematical problem-solving, particularly in the context of the GRE exam.
  • Multiples and factors have an inverse relationship; if P is a multiple of r, then r is a factor of P.
  • Every positive integer is a multiple of 1 and itself, highlighting the fundamental nature of multiples in mathematics.
  • To find multiples of a number, one can add or subtract that number repeatedly or multiply the number by a sequence of integers.
  • If P and Q are multiples of r, operations such as addition, subtraction, or multiplication on P and Q will result in more multiples of r.
  • A practice problem demonstrates how to apply these concepts to identify possible values of P given a set of conditions.
Understanding Multiples and Factors
Identifying Multiples
Generating More Multiples
Operational Relationships Between Multiples
Practical Application and Problem Solving

Please note: there is a typo on-screen at the end of "Multiple Idea #3." The last line should say
2394 - 7 = 2387