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Introduction to Diction

The content focuses on the importance of diction, particularly the correct use of words, as it pertains to the GMAT exam, with a detailed explanation on the difference between 'economic' and 'economical'.
  • Diction involves the proper definitions and use of words, crucial for the GMAT exam.
  • 'Economic' relates to money, the economy, or economics, important for business school studies.
  • 'Economical' means cheap or providing good value, more relevant to personal finance than business studies.
  • Understanding the distinction between 'economic' and 'economical' can help avoid common traps on the GMAT.
  • An example sentence correction problem illustrates how confusing 'economic' and 'economical' can lead to incorrect answers.
Introduction to Diction
Understanding 'Economic' vs. 'Economical'
Practical Application in GMAT