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Intro to Reading Comprehension

The essence of GMAT reading comprehension lessons is to equip learners with the ability to discern the structure, organization, and intent of passages, focusing on the identification of debates, multiple theories, supporting evidence, the primary purpose of the passage, and the significance of structure words.
  • Understanding the structure and intent behind GMAT passages is crucial for effective comprehension and information retention.
  • GMAT passages often present debates or issues with multiple theories supported by evidence, requiring a critical analysis of the content.
  • Identifying the primary purpose of a passage and understanding the author's intention are key strategies for navigating GMAT reading comprehension.
  • Structure words play a significant role in understanding the relationship between sentences and paragraphs, aiding in the comprehension of the passage's flow.
  • The ability to intelligently categorize information based on the passage's predictable pattern is essential for answering GMAT questions effectively.
Introduction to GMAT Passages
Understanding Passage Structure and Intent
The Role of Multiple Theories and Supporting Evidence
Identifying the Primary Purpose and Structure Words