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Approaching the Passage

The content focuses on high-level strategies for approaching GMAT reading passages, emphasizing the importance of reading the passage before the questions, maintaining an engaged mindset, and the technique of chunking information for better comprehension and pacing.
  • Reading the passage before looking at the questions prevents bias and ensures a comprehensive understanding, which is crucial for answering inference questions and grasping the overall meaning.
  • Adopting an excited and engaged mindset towards the passage content aids in better retention and understanding, making it easier to connect sentences and paragraphs.
  • The concept of 'chunking' information, rather than trying to read faster, is highlighted as a more effective method for improving reading comprehension and pacing.
  • Initially, applying the chunking technique may slow down reading speed, but with practice, it leads to faster and more efficient reading by anticipating structure and understanding main ideas more clearly.
  • Active reading and anticipation of the passage structure are underscored as essential skills for mastering GMAT reading passages.
Approaching the Passage
Engaging with the Content
The Myth of Speed Reading
Chunking for Better Comprehension