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Integer Properties Strategies

The content provides a comprehensive guide on strategies for tackling integer questions on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of understanding integer properties, recognizing the types of numbers, and applying specific strategies for different question types.
  • Ensure you're dealing with integers by looking for explicit statements in the question.
  • Don't forget about zeros and negatives, and remember the characteristics of even, odd, and prime numbers.
  • Memorize prime numbers below 60, perfect squares of the first 15 integers, and understand the significance of prime factorization.
  • For Greatest Common Factor or Least Common Multiple questions, remember to cancel before multiplying and practice to build intuition.
  • Use substitution for even and odd questions, recognize expressions representing consecutive numbers, and apply strategies for remainder questions.
Understanding Integer Properties
Strategies for Dealing with Integers
Memorization and Prime Factorization
Applying Strategies for Specific Question Types
Building Intuition and Practical Application