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Weighted Averages II (Advanced)

The content delves into an advanced technique for solving weighted average problems, specifically designed for individuals with strong mathematical skills and visual thinking capabilities. This method is particularly useful for GRE exam preparation, offering a time-saving strategy for those comfortable with complex mathematical concepts.
  • Introduces an advanced technique for solving weighted average problems, emphasizing its suitability for individuals with strong math skills.
  • Explains the basic methods for solving weighted average problems, including summing subsections and using proportions or percents.
  • Demonstrates the advanced technique using a proportional reasoning approach for scenarios involving only two groups, highlighting the importance of understanding the ratio of group sizes and distances on a number line.
  • Provides examples to illustrate how the advanced technique is applied, including calculating the average mass of vehicles and the average salary of employees at a corporation.
  • Emphasizes that this advanced method is optional and primarily beneficial for those seeking to save time on the GRE exam.
Introduction to Advanced Techniques
Basic Methods Recap
Proportional Reasoning for Two Groups
Applying the Advanced Technique: Examples