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Intro to GMAT Math

Success on the GMAT Quantitative section hinges not on the ability to perform complex calculations, but on using logic and number sense to navigate problems more efficiently.
  • The GMAT Quant section does not allow the use of calculators, emphasizing problems that can be solved through logic rather than detailed calculations.
  • Complicated calculations often indicate a harder approach to a problem, suggesting a simpler method exists based on the logic of the question.
  • Basic mental math skills are crucial, and daily practice without a calculator is recommended to improve these skills.
  • Engaging in mental math exercises and developing number sense through everyday activities can enhance your ability to solve GMAT Quant problems more effectively.
  • Future modules will introduce specific mental math strategies and the concept of 'playing with math' to further prepare for the GMAT Quant section.
The Role of Calculators in GMAT Quant
The Importance of Logic Over Calculation
Developing Mental Math Skills
Practical Tips for Enhancing Mental Math
Looking Ahead: Mental Math Strategies and Playing with Math