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Understanding Structure

Understanding the predictable structure of GMAT passages can significantly enhance comprehension and efficiency in tackling the reading sections of the exam.
  • GMAT passages typically begin with an introduction of a topic or study, highlighting the main subject and setting the stage for subsequent paragraphs.
  • Key structure words like 'nonetheless' and 'however' signal important contrasts or shifts in the narrative, guiding readers to focus on critical details.
  • Subsequent paragraphs delve into the findings, challenges to these findings, and sometimes introduce multiple theories or criticisms, following a predictable pattern.
  • Recognizing this structure helps in focusing on important details, organizing information effectively, and anticipating what comes next in the passage.
  • This approach not only aids in better comprehension but also in navigating the passages more efficiently, especially the longer ones where details are more extensive.
Introduction to GMAT Passage Structure
Identifying Structure Words and Their Importance
Understanding Paragraph Functions
The Role of Multiple Theories in Passages