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Verbs and Active Language

The essence of the content revolves around the preference for active, powerful language, particularly verbs, in the GMAT exam, reflecting the language style predominant in the business world.
  • Active language, especially through the use of verbs, is preferred in the GMAT to reflect the direct and powerful style of communication valued in the business sector.
  • Advertising and persuasive communication in the business world exemplify the effectiveness of direct and powerful language.
  • Choosing verbs over nouns or adjectives when given the option in GMAT sentence correction can lead to more concise and impactful sentences.
  • While the preference for verbs is a general pattern, it is not an absolute rule and requires analysis within the context of each sentence.
The Importance of Active Language
Verbs as the Core of Active Language
Applying Active Language in GMAT Sentence Correction