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DS Elimination Method

The key to mastering data sufficiency problems on the GRE involves understanding the answer choices, employing a strategic approach to eliminate incorrect answers, and leveraging solution behavior for educated guessing.
  • Memorizing the five standard answer choices is crucial for data sufficiency success, with a division between 'Alone' (A, B, D) and 'Together' (C, E) statements.
  • Initially, assess each statement alone to determine its sufficiency, which can lead to eliminating certain answer choices right away.
  • If neither statement is sufficient alone, then consider the statements together to determine if they provide enough information.
  • Understanding how to eliminate answers strategically allows for solution behavior, where educated guessing from the remaining options can advance your score.
  • Practicing with different scenarios helps in familiarizing with the process of elimination and enhances the ability to guess strategically when necessary.
Understanding Data Sufficiency Answer Choices
The Process of Elimination
Strategic Guessing: Solution Behavior
Practical Scenarios and Decision Making

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