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Understanding Structure

Understanding the predictable structure of GMAT passages can significantly enhance one's ability to focus on important details, organize information, and anticipate what comes next, thereby improving comprehension and efficiency in answering questions.
  • GMAT passages typically follow a predictable structure, starting with an introduction of a topic or study, followed by a discussion of findings, and often concluding with criticisms or qualifications of those findings.
  • Key to navigating passages is identifying structure words like 'however' or 'nonetheless', which signal important shifts or contrasts in the narrative.
  • Knowing the structure aids in focusing on crucial details, organizing information for better recall, and anticipating subsequent content, which is especially helpful for longer passages where maintaining concentration can be challenging.
  • The structure facilitates efficient passage navigation, allowing for quicker location of information when answering questions, as it reduces the need to reread entire passages.
  • Understanding the commonality of multiple theories within passages, especially longer ones, can further refine one's strategy by highlighting the importance of contrasting viewpoints or additional research findings.
Introduction to GMAT Passage Structure
Identifying Key Elements in Passages
The Role of Structure Words
Understanding Paragraph Sequencing