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Intro to GMAT Math

The GRE Quantitative section requires a strategic approach that emphasizes logic and number sense over detailed calculations, given the absence of a calculator. Developing mental math skills is crucial for success.
  • The GRE Quant section is designed with the knowledge that test-takers will not have access to calculators, limiting the complexity of problems.
  • Success in the Quant section relies more on logic and number sense than on the ability to perform complicated calculations.
  • Engaging in daily mental math practice, such as calculating tips or estimating grocery orders, is essential for developing the necessary skills for the exam.
  • The module will cover specific mental math strategies and the importance of developing a number sense through regular practice and engagement with mathematical concepts in everyday life.
  • The concept of 'playing with math' is introduced as a method to become more comfortable and familiar with mathematical patterns and logic.
Introduction to GRE Quant Strategies
The Importance of Mental Math
Incorporating Math into Daily Life
Developing Number Sense and Pattern Recognition

The GMAT in its current form will be offered through early 2024. Starting on November 7, 2023, a new, shorter version of the exam called the GMAT Focus will become available.

Please see the lesson "New GMAT Focus Edition Can be Taken Starting November 7, 2023" for more details about the Focus edition. Of particular note for Math is that Geometry and Coordinate Geometry are not tested on the GMAT Focus.