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Substantive Clauses

The exploration of substantive clauses reveals their critical role in sentences, particularly within the context of the GMAT exam, where their complexity and utility increase with the difficulty of sentence correction questions.
  • Substantive clauses can replace nouns in a sentence, acting as subjects, direct objects, or objects of prepositions.
  • These clauses are identified by their initiation with interrogative words or relative pronouns and adverbs, often beginning with 'that'.
  • The presence and correct use of substantive clauses are indicative of sophisticated grammatical structures, becoming more prevalent in higher difficulty sentence correction questions on the GMAT.
  • Understanding and identifying substantive clauses is essential for tackling the most challenging sentence correction questions effectively.
  • Examples and practice questions demonstrate how substantive clauses function within sentences, highlighting their importance in grammatical construction and comprehension.
Introduction to Substantive Clauses
Roles and Examples of Substantive Clauses
Practical Application and Importance
Summary and Key Takeaways