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Removing Fluff from Sentences

The essence of the content revolves around a strategic approach to understanding and simplifying sentences by identifying their core components: the main subject and the main verb. This skill is pivotal for excelling in sentence correction sections of standardized tests like the GMAT.
  • Every sentence must contain at least one independent clause, which in turn must have a main subject and a main verb.
  • To uncover the core of a sentence or clause, eliminate all non-essential elements such as prepositional phrases, modifiers, and modifying clauses.
  • Identifying the main subject and verb is a critical skill for sentence correction, enabling a clearer understanding of sentence structure.
  • Analyzing complex sentences, such as those found in the U.S. Constitution, demonstrates the application of this strategy by breaking down sentences into their fundamental components.
  • The ability to distinguish between independent and subordinate clauses, each requiring its own subject and verb, is essential for parsing complicated sentence structures.
Understanding Sentence Core
Identifying Main Subjects and Verbs
Applying the Strategy to Complex Sentences
Dissecting the 7th Amendment Example