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Miscellaneous CR Tips

The content provides a comprehensive overview of strategies for tackling Critical Reasoning (CR) questions on the GRE, emphasizing the importance of understanding question type frequency, adhering to a systematic approach, revisiting instructional material, customizing practice, and maintaining patience.
  • Weaken, strengthen, and assumption questions constitute approximately 75% of CR question stems, highlighting the importance of mastering these types.
  • Technique adherence is crucial for CR success, suggesting that even if slower at first, a methodical approach will yield improvement over time.
  • Revisiting lesson videos for difficult question types and customizing practice by selecting specific question types can significantly enhance preparation.
  • Practicing with official guide questions is recommended to familiarize oneself with the test creators' style and apply learned techniques effectively.
  • Patience is key in CR preparation, as mastering technique and improving performance, especially on more difficult questions, takes time and practice.
Understanding Question Type Frequency
The Importance of Technique
Customizing Your Practice
The Role of Patience in CR Success