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Trap Answers

The content focuses on identifying and navigating traps in GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) questions, offering strategies to avoid common pitfalls and enhance test-taking efficiency.
  • Emphasize not spending excessive time on categorizing or decoding clearly wrong or dubious answers to maintain focus on finding the correct answer.
  • Highlight specific traps such as weak connections, assumptions that require additional premises, doing the opposite of what's needed, vague wording, and non-relevance.
  • Advise on the importance of looking for the 'click' or moment of clarity that indicates the correct answer, suggesting that correct answers are straightforward and not ensnared by common traps.
  • Recommend practicing with official guide questions and those in the product to familiarize oneself with trap answers, while cautioning against over-reliance on official explanations which may not always be clear or comprehensive.
  • Stress the utility of understanding trap answers in refining logical thinking and decision-making under test conditions, especially when choosing between closely competing answer choices.
General Strategies for Identifying Traps
Common Traps in GMAT CR Questions
Practical Advice for Navigating Traps
Applying Knowledge to Practice