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Trap Answers

The content provides an in-depth guide on identifying and navigating traps in GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) questions, emphasizing the importance of avoiding common pitfalls and employing strategic approaches to enhance test performance.
  • General strategies include not spending excessive time on clearly wrong or dubious answers to maintain focus on identifying the correct choice.
  • Identifies specific traps such as weak connections, assumptions requiring additional premises, opposite answers, vague wording, and non-relevant information.
  • Highlights the necessity of understanding the subtleties of language and logic used in CR questions to avoid being misled by attractive but incorrect options.
  • Advises on the importance of the 'click' moment where the correct answer naturally aligns with the question's logic, avoiding overcomplication or overthinking.
  • Encourages practice with official guide questions and Magoosh's product to apply these strategies and improve the ability to discern between correct and trap answers.
General Strategy and Recognizing Traps
Specific Trap Types
Applying Strategies to Avoid Traps