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Critical Reasoning Example #2

This lesson focuses on a critical reasoning problem, demonstrating how to analyze and weaken an argument within the context of a GRE exam preparation.
  • The lesson presents a scenario involving the wages of factory workers at Hamport Steelworks, comparing them to the cost of living increases due to inflation.
  • The argument to be weakened is that of an industry analyst who criticizes the factory owners for not providing a livable wage, despite the economic environment.
  • A detailed analysis of answer choices is provided, with the goal of identifying which option weakens the industry analyst's argument.
  • The correct answer (B) suggests that the revenue cannot be redistributed as suggested by the analyst because it is needed for essential marketing efforts.
  • The lesson emphasizes the importance of understanding the logic behind each question and encourages viewing video explanations for each question, especially when answers are incorrect or when dealing with difficult questions.
Introduction to Critical Reasoning Problem
Analyzing the Argument
Dissecting Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Answer
Conclusion and Advice