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Intro to Parallelism

The essence of the content revolves around the concept of parallelism, a critical component in GMAT sentence correction questions, highlighting its definition, application, and significance in ensuring both grammatical and logical coherence.
  • Parallelism involves matching patterns in a sentence, requiring elements to be of the same part of speech and serve the same grammatical and logical role.
  • Single-word parallelism and larger grammatical structures can both exhibit parallelism, utilizing conjunctions to join elements.
  • Different types of conjunctions, including coordinating and correlative, play pivotal roles in establishing parallelism.
  • Parallelism is not solely a matter of grammar but also of logic, necessitating that elements in parallel play the same logical role in a sentence.
  • Understanding and identifying parallelism is crucial for success in GMAT sentence correction, involving a deep comprehension of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.
Introduction to Parallelism
Basics of Parallelism
Conjunctions and Parallelism
Logic in Parallelism

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