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Comparisons: Like vs. As

The content provides an in-depth analysis of the usage of 'like' and 'as' in comparisons, focusing on their correct application in the context of the GRE exam.
  • Use 'like' with nouns and 'as' with clauses, focusing on full actions or comparisons that involve a noun plus a full verb.
  • 'Like' can be followed by a noun that is modified by a participle or clause, but it is crucial to distinguish between noun modifiers and full action comparisons.
  • The structure '' without negation compares two items of the same degree, while with negation ('not'), it indicates one item is less than the other in some aspect.
  • Errors in using 'like' and 'as' often involve using 'like' followed by a full verb or clause, which should instead use 'as' for correct grammatical structure.
  • Understanding the nuanced rules of 'like' and 'as' can aid in avoiding common pitfalls on the GRE exam.
Understanding Like vs. As
Correct Usage of Like
Comparative Forms Involving As

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