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False Parallelism

Understanding the concept of parallelism in sentence construction is crucial for mastering GRE verbal sections, emphasizing the importance of logical structure over mere grammatical form.
  • Parallelism combines both logical and grammatical structures, necessitating a thoughtful approach to whether actions in a sentence logically align.
  • Superficial parallelism occurs when actions are forced into parallel forms without logical coherence, leading to incorrect sentence structures.
  • Examples demonstrate how misapplication of parallelism can distort the intended meaning of a sentence, highlighting the need for discernment in sentence correction.
  • The GRE, like the GMAT, tests the ability to recognize and apply logical parallelism, challenging test-takers to go beyond grammatical rules to the underlying logic of sentence construction.
The Essence of Parallelism
Identifying Superficial Parallelism
Logical Structure vs. Grammatical Form
Avoiding Common Traps in Sentence Correction