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Intro to Comparisons

The content provides an in-depth exploration of comparisons in the context of the GRE exam, focusing on the identification, logical structuring, and clarity of comparisons to avoid common mistakes.
  • Comparisons involve discussing how two elements are similar or different, utilizing keywords like 'than', 'more', 'less', 'like', and 'unlike'.
  • Logical comparisons require comparing like to like, avoiding the common mistake of comparing dissimilar entities, such as a person's work to another person.
  • Ambiguity in comparisons must be avoided, ensuring clarity whether the comparison is between subjects or objects.
  • Personal pronouns in comparisons must match the compared term in case, whether subjective, objective, or possessive, to maintain grammatical correctness.
  • Understanding and correctly applying the rules of comparison can significantly impact the accuracy of sentence correction in the GRE.
Introduction to Comparisons
Logical Comparisons
Avoiding Ambiguity in Comparisons
The Role of Personal Pronouns in Comparisons