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Double Matrix Method

The double matrix method is a powerful tool for solving complex set problems where each member of a population is classified in two distinct ways, facilitating the organization and analysis of multifaceted data.
  • The method involves creating a matrix to categorize data across two variables, such as gender and education level, allowing for a clear visual representation of the information.
  • By organizing data into rows and columns, with totals for each category and a grand total, this approach simplifies the process of deducing missing information.
  • The double matrix can handle various forms of data input, including numerical, percentage, and algebraic, making it versatile for a range of problem types.
  • Key to the method is the ability to quickly identify relationships between categories and to fill in missing data points by using the given totals and the relationships among the categories.
  • The method is particularly useful for GRE test-takers, offering a systematic approach to tackling questions that involve categorizing individuals or items into multiple groups based on given criteria.
Introduction to the Double Matrix Method
Organizing Information with the Double Matrix
Applying the Double Matrix to Solve Problems
Advanced Application of the Double Matrix Method