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GMAT Focus Intro: Verbal Section

The lesson provides an overview of the GMAT verbal section, emphasizing the importance of reading comprehension and critical reasoning skills.
  • The verbal section constitutes one-third of the total GMAT score, with 45 minutes allocated to answer 23 questions.
  • There are two main question types: reading comprehension and critical reasoning, with a slight emphasis on reading comprehension.
  • Reading comprehension passages are drawn from a variety of subjects including physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and business.
  • Critical reasoning questions focus on argument analysis, requiring skills in weakening or strengthening arguments, identifying assumptions, and evaluating arguments.
  • A key strategy for improving verbal scores is to develop a habit of reading, especially materials related to the business world to enhance vocabulary, argument analysis, and sentence structure understanding.
Overview of the Verbal Section
Reading Comprehension Focus
Critical Reasoning Analysis
Strategic Reading for Improvement