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Pacing, Skipping, and Guessing

Mastering time management, effective guessing strategies, and the judicious use of the skipping option are pivotal for excelling at the GMAT, reflecting broader skills necessary for success in business management.
  • Time management is a critical skill tested by the GMAT, mirroring the decision-making speed required in the modern business world.
  • Practicing GMAT problems against a time clock from the beginning of study is essential for developing the ability to work under pressure.
  • Allocating specific time frames for different sections and types of questions helps maintain balance and ensures thorough coverage.
  • Distinguishing between blind guessing and solution behavior guessing can significantly impact scoring, with the latter being mathematically advantageous.
  • Using the skipping and review feature wisely supports overall pacing strategy, but avoid leaving questions unanswered due to penalties.
The Importance of Time Management
Strategies for Effective Guessing
Optimizing Pacing and Skipping