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Verb Tense – Perfect Progressive Tenses

The content delves into the nuances of perfect progressive tenses, highlighting their rarity, formation, and specific usage in the context of the GMAT exam.
  • Present perfect progressive tense is more common than past or future perfect progressive tenses, formed by 'has/have' + 'been' + present participle.
  • This tense emphasizes ongoing activity that started in the past and continues to the present, often conveying a sense of prolonged action.
  • Different tenses convey different connotations, from simple actions to ongoing or completed activities with present relevance.
  • Past perfect progressive tense might appear on the GMAT in rare instances, while future perfect progressive is extremely unlikely to be encountered.
  • Present perfect progressive is used for actions continuing up to the present, but not for states of being, which use the present perfect tense.
Introduction to Perfect Progressive Tenses
Formation and Usage of Present Perfect Progressive
Connotations and Comparisons of Tenses
Rarity of Past and Future Perfect Progressive
Application to Actions vs. States of Being