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Grammar – Infinitive Phrases

The content delves into the structure and function of infinitives and infinitive phrases in English grammar, highlighting their roles and forms within sentences.
  • Infinitives are formed by adding the preposition 'to' to the base form of a verb.
  • Infinitive phrases extend infinitives by including additional predicate elements, acting as larger grammatical units.
  • Both infinitives and infinitive phrases can serve as nouns within sentences, capable of being subjects or objects.
  • An infinitive phrase can have its own subject, introduced by the preposition 'for'.
  • The use of infinitives extends to being subjects of sentences, infinitives of purpose, and direct objects by idiom for specific verbs.
Understanding Infinitives
Exploring Infinitive Phrases
Functional Roles of Infinitives and Phrases
Subjective Use of Infinitives