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Factoring - Rational Expressions

The lesson focuses on simplifying rational expressions, a crucial skill for GRE test-takers, by employing techniques such as factoring and canceling common factors, as well as separating the numerator into parts when dealing with addition or subtraction.
  • Rational expressions are ratios of two algebraic expressions that often require simplification for GRE questions.
  • Simplification involves factoring both the numerator and the denominator and then canceling out common factors between them.
  • When faced with addition or subtraction in the numerator, separating the expression into two parts can facilitate simplification.
  • Practical examples illustrate how to simplify complex rational expressions, highlighting the importance of recognizing patterns and common factors.
  • Practice questions reinforce the concept of simplification by canceling and factoring, demonstrating straightforward solutions to potentially complex problems.
Understanding Rational Expressions
Simplifying by Factoring
Separating the Numerator
Practical Simplification Examples