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Simplifying with Substitutions

The content provides advanced strategies for simplifying complex algebra problems on the GRE by using substitutions to reduce equations to more manageable forms.
  • Introduces a sophisticated trick involving right-brain pattern matching for simplifying hard algebra problems, particularly useful for the most advanced problems on the test.
  • Demonstrates the technique through practice problems, showing how substituting a repeated expression with a single variable can simplify the equation solving process.
  • Explains how to solve for the substituted variable and then use those solutions to solve for the original variables, effectively reducing the complexity of the problem.
  • Offers a step-by-step approach for dealing with compound fractions and algebraic expressions by breaking them down into simpler parts and solving sequentially.
  • Highlights the importance of careful substitution and back-substitution to find the correct solutions to the original algebraic equations.
Simplifying Advanced Algebra Problems
Substitution Technique for Quadratic-like Equations
Applying Substitution to Solve Complex Equations
Strategic Approach to Compound Fractions