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Trap Answers

The content provides an in-depth guide on identifying and navigating traps in GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) questions, emphasizing the importance of avoiding common pitfalls and employing strategic approaches to enhance test performance.
  • Highlighting the significance of not spending excessive time on categorizing or decoding clearly wrong or dubious answers to maintain focus on identifying the correct choice.
  • Introduction to common traps in CR questions, including weak connections indicated by vague terms, assumptions that require external information, and the allure of seemingly relevant but ultimately incorrect answer choices.
  • Advice on approaching CR questions by moving efficiently through answer choices, avoiding getting stuck, and seeking the 'aha' moment that indicates a correct answer.
  • Specific examples of trap answers, such as those that seem to weaken or strengthen the argument based on unwarranted assumptions, use vague wording, or are not directly relevant to the argument's conclusion.
  • Encouragement to practice identifying trap answers using official guide questions and the importance of relying on logical reasoning over gut feelings when choosing between final answer options.
General Strategies for CR Questions
Identifying Common Traps
Practical Examples of Trap Answers