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Miscellaneous CR Tips

The final video in the Critical Reasoning (CR) section emphasizes the importance of understanding question type frequency, adhering to established techniques, and the value of targeted practice and patience in mastering CR questions on the GRE.
  • Weaken, strengthen, and assumption questions make up about 75% of CR question stems, highlighting the importance of focusing on these types for efficient study.
  • Technique adherence is crucial; falling back on old habits can lead to mistakes, underscoring the need for deliberate practice and patience.
  • Revisiting specific lesson videos and utilizing the customize your practice feature for targeted practice on weak areas are recommended strategies for improvement.
  • Practicing with official guide questions is essential for understanding the test makers' style and applying learned techniques effectively.
  • Patience is key in CR mastery, as technique becomes increasingly important with more difficult questions.
Understanding Question Type Frequency
The Importance of Technique
Targeted Practice and Revisiting Lessons
Patience and Practice