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Intro to Word Problems

This content provides a comprehensive guide to tackling word problems on the GRE, covering various types and strategies for solving them.
  • Word problems are a significant category in the GRE, requiring algebraic techniques for solving.
  • Common types of word problems include age, motion, work, growth and decay, and mixture questions.
  • The process involves assigning variables to the information presented in words, then formulating equations to solve the problems.
  • Exploration of general strategies for solving word problems, including assigning variables and writing equations.
  • Detailed discussion on each type of word problem and the algebraic approaches to solve them.
  • Introduction of alternative problem-solving strategies such as back-solving or picking numbers.
Introduction to Word Problems
Types of Word Problems
Formulating Equations from Word Problems
General Strategies for Solving Word Problems
Alternative Problem-Solving Strategies